Turn to Now: Credits

Produced by Billy Lawson 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Wishbone Studios 

Muscle Shoals, Alabama 


The Burnells:

Kat Beckham  Lead and backing vocals 

Mike Fields  Bass; Guitar on "On My Street" 

Gary Hyche  Lead and rhythm guitar; bass on "On My Street"; shaker on "Flow" 

Mark Kelly  Lead vocals; Acoustic guitar; Harmonica on "Suspension" and "On My Street"; Ukulele on "Here We Rest"; Backing vocals on "Suspension" and "Orange See of Confusion"

Jason Ruha  Drums and percussion 


Stuart Oates played banjo on "Welcome to Nowhere Land" and "Orange See of Confusion", accordion on "Only Here and Now", harmonica on "Tired of Lovin'", and pennywhistle on "Are You Happy Now?" He sang backing vocals on "Welcome to Nowhere Land", "Tired of Lovin'", "Among Other Things",  "Whiskey and Wine", "Here We Rest", "Are You Happy Now?", "Flow", and "The Distance," and lead vocal on "Suspension" and "Orange See of Confusion"


Special Guests 

Spooner Oldham  Hammond B3 on "Welcome to Nowhere Land", Keyboard on "Here We Rest"

Travis Wammack  Guitar on "Suspension" and "Orange See of Confusion"

Brad Guin  Horns on "Suspension" and "Flow" 


Billy Lawson added guitar, lap and pedal steel, dobro, piano, organ, and a little bit of percussion 

Jaimie Copeland played keyboard on "Among Other Things", "Only Here and Now", and "Are You Happy Now?", and sang backing vocals on "Suspension" 

Joyce Hand Gooden sang backing vocals on "Suspension", "Here We Rest", and "The Distance" 


Album cover art: "Hawk's Frothy," by Tim Denny.  Tim is a visionary on the order of Habakkuk. He keeps his eyes on the prize, his moves in the grooves, and the pedal to the metal. He paints what needs to be painted, says what needs to be said, and does what needs to be done.

Cover design by Tim Denny and Ben Burford.  Ben fears no word, no sentence, no line break, no kerning, no spaces, no font, no image. He imposes his will upon them, and they are better for it. 

Back cover photo by Mark Kelly, "Late Fall, Just South of Muscle Shoals"


Thanks to Kim for friendship, moral support, and occasional shelter   

Special thanks to Jaimie: collaborator in the studio, eyes and ears on the ground, master cook, dedicated slaw dog scout, good man to ride the road with and for 

Very special thanks to the King of Muscle Shoals, Billy Lawson


All songs copyright 2022 Sharpshin Music.

"Orange Sea of Confusion" by permission of Light Upon Light




Jason Ruha, Mike Fields, Gary Hyche, David Kilmer, Mark Kelly, Kat Beckham

Room Enough: Credits

Produced by Jubal John

Engineered by Tym Cornell 

Mixed by the Roebuck Springers

Mastered by Lynn Bridges

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Wild Honey Recording Studio

Birmingham, Alabama

The Burnells:

Kat Beckham  Vocals; Handclaps on "Some Days the Dragon Wins" 

Mike Fields  Electric and acoustic guitars; Lap steel on "Full Gospel" and "The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar"

Gary Hyche  Lead guitar; 12-string guitar on "Train Town"; Slide guitar on "Darlin' Cory"; Short scale guitar on "Cross Country Limousine" 

Jubal John  Bass; Electric and acoustic guitars; Cello on "Knowing Less" and "Train Town"; organ on "Levels of Surrender"; Dulcimer on "The Second Coming"; Lead vocal and handclaps on "Some Days the Dragon Wins"; Backing vocals on "I Don't Mind" and "Darlin' Cory"; Crazy guitar solo on "I Don't Mind"

Mark Kelly  Lead vocals; Acoustic guitar; Harmonica; Backing vocals and handclaps on "Some Days the Dragon Wins"

Stuart Oates  Accordion; Banjo; Lead vocal on "Darlin' Cory" and "The Second Coming"

Jason Ruha  Drums; Tambourine; Maracas on "Knowing Less"; Washboard on "Knowing Less" and "Need of Saving"; Crash cymbal on "Levels of Surrender"; Tonal bass drum on "The Second Coming" and "Back to Jericho"


Special Guests

 Stuart McNair played piano on "Knowing Less," "Train Town," "Need of Saving," "Cross Country Limousine," and "The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar," and organ on "Train Town"

Tym Cornell sang backing vocals on "I Don't Mind" and "Darlin' Cory," and clapped his hands on "Some Days the Dragon Wins"

Joshua Davis played congas on "Need of Saving" 


Album cover design by Brandon A. Smith

Album cover photo by Stuart Oates


All songs copyright 2020 Sharpshin Music, except "The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar" (Special Rider Music) and "Darlin' Cory" and the words of "The Second Coming," both of which are in the public domain. Music for "The Second Coming" by permission of Light Upon Light.